Church Services Begin To Be Broadcast Live

WATCH Live    Next Church services to be broadcast: __________________________________________________________________
Wed May 27 – Apodosis of Pascha, St. John the Russian Service: 9 a.m. -11:15 a.m  Bilingual Texts => Orthros Liturgy
Thu May 28 –
Ascension Day, St. Andrew the Fool for Christ Service: 9 – 11:15 a.m. Bilingual Texts =>  Orthros  Liturgy
Sun May 31 –
 Holy Fathers of the 1st Ec. Synod: 9 a.m. -12 p.m. Bilingual Texts => Orthros  Liturgy
To watch the church service, click on the image: If you don’t hear the church service, try adjusting your laptop or cell phone volume.
Note: Church Services are being held behind closed doors by the Priest, the Cantor and Altar Assistant.
All bilingual texts of our Holy Services can be found at: (This initiative is made available by (AGES Initiatives, Charlotte, North Carolina)