Community Council

The Community Council of  the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is organized under the Uniform Community Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Toronto (Canada), a charitable organization incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

  • The Community Council consists of eleven members elected by the members-in-good-standing of the Community every two years.
  • According to the Uniform Community Regulations the Priest and the Community Council, are responsible for the administration of community ministry and organization.
  • Community Council Meetings are scheduled on the First Saturday of the Month @9am  in the Church Boardroom
Community Council 2024-2025
Name Position E-mail
Peter Chelonis President [email protected]
John Tryphonopoulos Vice President [email protected]
Reni Georgallidis Secretary [email protected]
Paul Makrakos Treasurer [email protected]
Jason Fragiskatos Member [email protected]
Kosta Karahalios Member [email protected]
Maria Karidas Member [email protected]
Alexandra Kylindris Member [email protected]
Tony Orfanides Member [email protected]
John Rigakos Member [email protected]
Steve Stefanidis Member [email protected]

Uniform Community Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis (.pdf)

For more information contact our Church Office at (519) 438-7951