Greek Independence Parade



Every year, our community hosts the Greek Independence Day Parade. This day provides our community with the opportunity to display our Greek pride and love of our culture to all. The program starts with the Doxology service. A bus then takes young and old from our church to downtown London where we gather at the parking lot of Mr. Dimitrakopoulos at Richmond and Carling Street. We then parade from there to the cenotaph at Victoria Park.

Representatives from all three levels of Government are present for the wreath laying ceremony. The program continues immediately after at the Hellenic Community Centre with a Brunch. The Greek School students participate in a variety of festivities and  they will also dance the  Greek Traditional Dances.

More details on participating in this fun-filled event becomes available as the day of the parade approaches.

Interested in helping out at next year’s parade?
Please contact any member  of the Community Council for more information.