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adult_religious_bookAdult Catechism

In the early Church, adults preparing for Holy Illumination (Baptism and Chrismation) would go through a period of formal catechism. Because most Orthodox Christians have been baptized as infants, the need for adult catechism is often overlooked by most adults. For most, catechism concludes once we graduate from Sunday School, which means that most adults do not have the chance to obtain a deeper appreciation of our faith. Our Adult Catechism Ministry helps us achieve a more profound understanding of our faith.

Moreover, as Orthodox Christians, our purpose in life is not just to “know” the faith, but more importantly, to be shaped by it and to live the faith. Holy Trinity’s Adult Catechism Ministry provides a friendly, non-threatening forum for people to share their thoughts and experiences as they strive to live “a life in Christ.”

Adult Catechism Sessions – All welcome!

As informed Orthodox Christians we become more responsible Orthodox Christians through discussions and deeper study of our faithFor actual Dates and times, please see our Website Announcement home page.

Further information please contact Fr. Demetre Mouselimis or call our Church office at 519-438-7951