Liturgical Text and Resources


(All services are in English unless otherwise noted)

Church Services
Daily Prayers
  • At Midday
  • ComplineDaily Prayers for Orthodox Christians (Complete)
  • In The Morning
  • Supplementary Prayers
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Holy Baptism
    • Making of a Catechumen
    • Service of Holy Baptism
  • Holy Matrimony
    • Service of Betrothal
    • Service of the Crowning -The Service of Marriage
  • Holy Communion
    • Communion of the Sick
    • Communion of the Sick in a Hospital
Memorials and Funerals
  • Funeral for Infants
  • Funeral Service
  • Funeral Service During Renewal Week
  • Trisagion for the Dead
  • Memorial Service
  • Guidelines and Procedures when a Priest Falls Asleep in the Lord
Prayers and Occasional Services
  • Akathist in Praise of God’s Creation
  • Before an Operation
  • Blessing and Hallowing of Icons
  • Churching of a Mother and Child
  • After Forty Days
  • Office of Vespers for the Preservation of Creation
  • Order for the Lesser Sanctification of the Water
  • Prayer at the Blessing of a Medal
  • Prayer at the Blessing of Vehicles of Travel
  • Prayer at the Foundation of a House
  • Prayer for the Blessing of Homes at Theophany
  • Prayer for the Church School
  • Prayers for the Sick
  • Prayers on the Birth of a Child
  • Service of Consecration of a Church
  • Service of the Adoption of a Child
  • Thanksgiving for Recovery
  • The Office of the Vespers for the Preservation of Creation
  • Commemoration of the Restoration of the Holy Icons (Celebrated on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, the first Sunday of Lent)